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Ouroboros Earrings

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The ouroboros is a circular snake that is swallowing its own tail. It depicts wholeness or the possibility of infinity, something that goes on forever. The earrings symbolize the unity of all things, things which never go away but are always changing. The ouroboros is both destruction and re-creation, birth and death. The ouroboros symbol first appeared in the tomb of King Tut, dating back to the 13th Century.

Product Info: The diameter of the circle is 0.8" across.


Sterling Silver .925 is 92.5% pure silver (with the remaining 7.5% made up of other metals to give it some hardness).

Plated Gold (Yellow or Rose) is a thin (0.25 micron) layer of gold over top of brass.

Care Instructions

Sterling silver can last a lifetime and gets better over time when worn.

Keep silver in a cool, dark, airtight place like a jewelry box or plastic bag.

Silver can tarnish if exposed to moisture in the air, turning it black or dark. Once tarnished, don't worry! It can always be polished back to the original shine.

Plated Golds:

The lifetime of your plated gold piece depends on handling, how often it is worn, and exposure to humidity, water, + soap. We don’t recommend plated jewelry for rings. Over time, the plating may wear off, exposing the brass base material.