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Minimal and easy-to-wear: gold and silver jewelry that is effortless, stylish, and ready for your everyday life.

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Calling all Nature-Lovers, Celestial Goddesses, Modern Artists, Geometric Gals, Fluid Spirits, Hoop Wearers, Easy Minimalists, Pearl People, and more...

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By customizing orders and creating jewelry on-demand, we are reserving resources + creating less supply waste for a sustainable practice. We keep a very low (sometimes zero) inventory of most items, with the majority of our pieces being made-to-order at the time of purchase.

About the Designer

Lori Michelle is a jewelry designer, originally trained in architecture, who is committed to thoughtful design, simple beauty, small batch creation, and sustainable practice.

Lori's modern, everyday pieces ask the wearer to explore and celebrate their style and identity through the form, reflections, and experience of putting on their jewelry each and every day.

Giving Back

Investing in the power of artists + community. For each piece sold, $1 goes towards the non-profit Local Color in San Jose, CA. In 2023, we donated $480 to this cause. In past years, over $1500 was donated to support the work of The Washington Area Women's Foundation. Thank you!