About Lori

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Love Lori Michelle Jewelry is the work of Lori (middle name Michelle) Steenhoek, a 3D-artist who centers her work around a love of architecture and thoughtful design.

Lori spent her early career creating 3D-renderings and animations, developing a strong design background through architectural visualization.

This eventually led to another pursuit: designing jewelry

Lori began experimenting with creating at a much smaller scale and with the human figure and intimate proportions in mind.

The change from producing a digital image early on in her work, to producing a fully tangible, wearable piece of jewelry was a feeling of true fullfillment.

Lori is inspired by the geometric forms, shapes, and nature found in everyday life. She has drawn upon inspiration from her worldwide travels, as well as everyday shapes, forms, shadows, landscapes, and objects.

She has created more than 250 custom-designed pieces of jewelry for private customers, and can be found participating in local pop-up market events. 

Lori was born and raised in Maryland, but calls Washington, DC (where she lived and worked for 17 years) the home of her heart. Lori relocated her design studio to San Jose, CA in 2023, where she now resides with her family and Boston Terrier. 

She believes in the power of love.

Her modern, everyday pieces ask the wearer to explore and celebrate their style and unique identity.

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Jewelry should make you feel good in your skin. Your style may evolve with time, but unique, well-made pieces will always be with you.