Alternative Jewelry Gift Ideas

Alternative Jewelry Gift Ideas

Four gift ideas that are sustainable and don't require buying new —

Chances are that they have a piece in their collection that they LOVE but can’t or don’t wear anymore because it’s broken, tarnished, or the wrong size.

You can fix that and “regift” something they already own! Try one of these:

1. Take a broken piece to your local jeweler and get it repaired. Depending what needs to be done, simple repairs are often less than $100.

2. Haverty’s jewlery cleaner is around $9 at your local hardware store — clean up all their pieces that just need some polishing to make them new again (you can also buy jewelry cleaner on Amazon for silver or for gold).

3. Make it a date — if they have a ring that no longer fits, go by a local jewlery store together and have it sized in person. It’s a sweet way to spend an hour together and you’ll feel good about checking it off the list and making it wearable again.

4. A new necklace chain to replace a broken one is a nice and easy to upgrade - look on Etsy for “necklace chains” to swap the pendant onto. 

The best part about all of these is it’s a form of sustainability!

So often we don’t *need* new things, we just need to take the time to fix up what we already have.

I hope one of these ideas works for you!

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