Questions to Ask Yourself When Jewelry Shopping

Questions to Ask Yourself When Jewelry Shopping

When shopping for new jewelry, ask yourself these 3 simple questions:
1. Am I looking for something trendy or something forever?
  • will you only wear this design for the next few months to a year?
  • or is it a piece that you would like to have forever?

The estimated longevity of the piece can help you determine what kind of jewelry to buy. If you want something "of-the-moment," you will have different considerations than for something you plan to have forever. Think about whether you wear the piece daily, if it's something that will come and go, or if it's something you'll only put on for special occasions. Could you see yourself passing the jewelry onto a future generation? Any of the above reasons are ok! We can own and purchase jewelry that falls into all three categories.

2. Am I willing to take care of it, or do I want something easy?

  • are you willing to remove this piece to shower or swim? 
  • will you take the time to polish or clean your jewelry?
  • does your daily work cause hard wear and tear on your jewelry?

Some jewelry materials are meant to be worn and never taken off. Consider your lifestyle, job, and patience for maintenance when shopping for jewelry. If you are not likely to clean or care for your pieces, it's ok to admit that. Be sure to shop for pieces that are sturdier, durable, and made of lasting materials. If you do tend to take care of your jewelry, and don't mind the effort needed to clean or repair items, that opens up the possibilities for buying daintier or intricate pieces or ones that you may need to take on and off regularly.

3. Am I buying from someone or someplace that aligns with my values?

This is really a question for any purchases you are making! Is your money supporting a sustainable practice? Does the company give back? Where are the pieces made? Is handmade important to you? There are no right answers, as everyone has different values, but it's important to remember what matters to you as you spend your money. Usually a purchase will check one or several boxes, but maybe not all. That's ok. We can all consume more consciously if we ask ourselves these questions when we shop.

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