Sunshine State to Royal City: Relocating a Small Business Abroad

Sunshine State to Royal City: Relocating a Small Business Abroad

After 18 months in the Bay Area of California, Love Lori Michelle Jewelry is on the move again. Destination: London!

When my husband's job (the one that we moved to CA for) changed scope late last year, he pursued the opportunity to relocate to the UK at a new position within the same company.

It's always been a dream of ours to live abroad (one that was put on hold by the pandemic in 2020) so we saw this as an opportunity to do the thing we had dreamed about.


For me, in the world of jewelry design, change is good. Change means new inspiration, new places to discover, new connections to make.

And while every piece of my jewelry tells a story, sometimes, I hope, that the most captivating story extends beyond the pieces themselves. Such is the case for how I'm feeling about embarking on a journey across continents.

California has been great. I've made connections with local artists and makers, participated in markets from Morgan Hill to San Francisco, and found an appreciation for the easy-going, California lifestyle. I can't wait to take these life experiences to the cultural melting pot that is London and continue my journey, grow my business, and evolve my work.


The transition for a small design business to move locations is not without its challenges. From navigating international regulations to ensuring the move of materials and tools, everything requires thought and planning. There are logistics that I have already taken care of, more that will happen on the fly, and then some yet to come that aren't even on my radar yet.

Yet, amidst the logistical things, I have a huge sense of excitement and anticipation. London's rich art, culture, and history will be the backdrop for my new inspirations and ideas. The prospect of collaborating with UK artisans and engaging with a diverse clientele is a major draw for me.

Plus, I can't be the only one who pictures a little bit of a "new me" that will come along with the change in location. (The same way my sneaker collection greatly expanded in California, I'm picturing all the fabulous coats I will *need* in London). 

The relocation of Love Lori Michelle Jewelry symbolizes more than just a change of address to me. It means I will get the chance to forge meaningful connections with patrons around the world.

My plan is to take the summer months off and focus on family (my kids) and life. I have never fully closed down my online shop since the day I opened it, so this is new territory for me. I'm not sure how it will go. I'm sure it will ruin my page rankings. I'm sure some people will be unhappy to find that they can't purchase something they wanted.

But I remind myself that my business is a long-term commitment. And 3 months of downtime will just be a blip when I look back on it.

I look forward to connecting with you all again when I re-establish my studio in London. And YES! I will still be shipping and fulfilling orders to the US when I re-open. I would never leave you all hanging!


If you'd like to follow my journey this summer, follow me on Instagram @lovelorimichelle - I'll be sharing tidbits of our life in London.

If you'd like updates about my shop re-opening in the fall of 2024, please join my mailing list by entering your email address in the box at the very bottom of this page. 

So, as the sun sets over the Pacific and rises over the Thames.... just kidding :) Thank you for your support, for your understanding, and for being a part of my work + life journey. See you soon,



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