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Mopani Minis

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Mini Mopani Earrings! Just like the the best-selling Mopani Leaf Earrings, but smaller and daintier at half the size. Mopani leaves grow in thickets on Mopani trees across Southern Africa and Zimbabwe, where I first saw them on safari. They reminded me of angels wings, or tiny butterflies, and they look like they are flying when the wind blows across them.


Product Info: The earrings are approximately 0.25" by 0.25" in size.


Sterling Silver .925 is 92.5% pure silver (with the remaining 7.5% made up of other metals to give it some hardness).

Plated Gold (Yellow or Rose) is a thin (0.5 micron) layer of gold over top of brass. The brass base material does NOT contain nickel and is 80% Copper, 15% Zinc, + 5% Tin.

Silver Care Info

Sterling silver will last a lifetime and gets better when worn.

After wearing, keep your silver pieces in a cool, dark, airtight place like a jewelry box or plastic bag.

Silver can tarnish if exposed to moisture in the air, turning it black or dark. Once tarnished, don't worry! It can always be polished back to the original shine.

Plated Gold Care Info

The lifetime of your plated gold jewelry depends on how often it is worn and exposed to humidity, water, + soap. Pieces will typically last for several years or more when worn with care. To extend the vibrancy of your jewelry, remove gold-plated jewelry when showering or swimming. With hard-wearing and frequent exposure to water, the plating may wear off, revealing the brass material underneath.